About The Core

Founded by Author and Blogger Amber Janae, The Core is an inclusive digital publication that focuses on self-care and wellness for men and women of color. The magazine was created to be a resourceful guide for all things related to emotional, mental, and spiritual growth. Our mission is to uplift you through inspirational stories and photos.We truly believe that our well-being is the primary source of a healthy way of life. Our mission is to inspire and encourage emotional, spiritual and mental wellness through each issue we publish. We believe that collective healing is the way to change the Universe. For this very reason, we pride ourselves on curating content for both men and women to be inspired together. As a publication, we want all of those who read to feel inspired to self-invest and feel empowered to incorporate healthy habits into your everyday life. The Core was curated by the everyday wellness enthusiast, and those who are simply in love with all things related to “better living.”