Life Designed Beautifully with Interior Designer, Neffi Walker


Our platform will always be about highlighting incredible men and women of color who are constantly defying the odds. We're always browsing our social media feeds in search of astonishingly inspiring individuals. Sometimes we are lucky enough to come across gems like Neffi Walker, a Harlem born New York City Interior Designer. Many know her as the designer with the magnetic personality who rightfully so has coined herself as "The Decor Goddess." With over 37k Instagram followers under her belt, she's taken the art of designing while black, with the color black to another level. She's also very candid about her home life and what it's like raising five incredible children. To our team here, she's known as the quintessential boss mom and inspiring entrepreneur. Neffi is the Founder of The Black Home, a full-service interior design firm, slash curated boutique stocked with hand-selected pieces inspired by Neffi’s love for timeless elegance and all things black. 

A woman full of unapologetic confidence, elegance, style, and grace. Neffi's Instagram is our go-to when we're in need of inspo, a good laugh or to be uplifted by her motivating quotes and Insta captions. We're constantly swooning over her perfectly curated photos that encapsulate modern living, home design ideas, inspiration, and inspiring advice. If you're looking for a new Instagram fav to follow or you're in search of the perfect piece to give your home a facelift, Neffi Walker is your girl. Learn more about Neffi and The Black Home, tour her beautiful current place of residence or shop her collections at You can also follow both her Instagram accounts @neffiwalker + @theblackhomedesign

Amber Janae