3 Ways to Relieve Emotional Tension In The Body


Emotional tension refers to positive or negative feelings that are produced by situations we’ve dealt with in our personal lives. These situations are often the result of how others have treated us. One of our most common causes of tension in the body is our inability to release pent-up emotions. Our inability to let go of the past causes an overwhelming amount of stress. Over-processing a specific outcome, living in the feelings that said outcome has caused to surface and letting those feeling spiral create stress in the body. Essentially, we end up drowning in pain. The stress that follows pain usually produces physical tension. Feelings of fear, anger, regret or even anxiety can all be processed and released with simple exercises and practices.

Breathing Exercises While Observe Your Mind, Body, and Spirit

Focus deeply on your body, your thoughts, and what you’re feeling. What do your muscles feel like? Are they contracted and tense? Are your thoughts so negative and overactive that they’re causing headaches? It may seem impossible in the moment, but these feelings can be released. When feeling stressed or tense, stand up tall, with your head and back straight, and take a few deep, slow breaths in with your eyes closed. In the same motions, you want to exhale and release these breaths. These repeated exercises will assist greatly in releasing emotional tension from the body. Try stretching in place while doing the breathing exercises. If over time the tension returns, repeat the breathing exercises again until the tension disperses.


When we’re operating from a place of pain, fear or anxiety, we’re subconsciously manipulating the physical body. This causes our bodies to be ineffective at releasing built up stress which manifests in our thoughts as fear or anxiety. This stress becomes stored in the body causing unwanted tension. It is said that our brain sends signals to the body to release all that is has built up, but if not properly functioning, a lot goes unreleased and becomes stored in the physical body. Since stress accumulates on a subconscious level, healing our bodies is a process that must happen consciously. Yoga is probably one of the oldest forms of alternative muscle tension management. Yoga is a resourceful method during the times you’re experiencing high levels of stress and tension in the body. The use of techniques to lengthen, stretch and relax muscles while simultaneously working with your breath is healthy when overwhelmed with high levels of stress and tension.

Salt Baths

Salt baths are said to be one of the oldest, most effective holistic methods for tension relief and the releasing of low vibrational energies/feelings. To date, many cultures have created healing rituals and environments around hot springs/baths. Adding Epson salt to a hot bath helps to relieve the tension in one’s body - the magnesium sulfate in the salts has been shown to calm anxiety, relax the muscles in the body, and lower blood pressure. The magnesium ions that are absorbed by the skin when taking Epson salt baths help with pain and inflammation in the body.

Natural healing methods are something that we wholeheartedly believe in and live by at The Core Magazine, however, all of us experience different reactions to just about everything we encounter. By no means are we professionals, our advice is based on personal experience only. We strongly suggest consulting your healthcare provider before starting any new regimens.

Amber Janae