3 Simple Ways to Incorporate Self-Care Into Your Work Day

I've been focusing on expanding my independent business as a Creative Consultant as well as managing the magazine, all while trying to lead a normal stress-free life. I always get asked the question “when do you sleep?” Trust me, I sleep and probably a heck of a lot more than you all would imagine. I know I am not the only one with a demanding work schedule. We all find ourselves being a bit overwhelmed and busy throughout the work week. Work at times can take control over our lives. We can even find ourselves having stage 5 FOMO when seeing our friends out on Instagram while we’re tight meeting deadlines. So now, along with work having the upper hand in our lives, so does our social life because we begin to feel compelled to fit being social on a busy day/week also.

It’s really easy to lose ourselves when life gets demanding and excessively busy. As much as we want to keep up with everything and everyone around us, the results of this are feeling extremely exhausted or worn out. In most cases, if you’re feeling overwhelmed or overworked, properly caring for yourself gets put on the back burner. The good news is, there is always room to incorporate healthy self-care practices in your workday that is painless. All while not requiring much of your time. So I’ve created a short list of ways that I’ve begun shamelessly incorporating self-care into my work day.

Drinking Tea

If you’re anything like me than your first cup of tea during the day is a moment of peace and tranquility. I opt out of coffee as much as possible during the day and in substitution I’ve chosen tea. I’ve somewhat become very well-versed in my knowledge of teas. I tea shop a lot to decide not only what’s of high quality and taste,  but also what tea’s fit best in my daily self-care routine. Currently, I am obsessing over Tea Drops. I am a huge advocate for caffeine-free teas. It just so happens that Tea Drops offers an assortment box of quality, great-tasting caffeine-free teas in their herbal assortment box. So obviously, this was the ideal choice for me. Each box comes with a mix of two popular caffeine-free Tea Drop varieties, which include:

Citrus Ginger (4 each)

Sweet Peppermint. (4 each)

These herbal teas are the perfect way for me to add a little care for myself during my busy workday. I take a break from work by completely stepping away from my computer at least twice a day to enjoy My Tea Drops. What I love most is the cute, easy to store packaging. The herbal assortment box that includes 8 Drops per box is composed of high-quality paulownia wood that features a classy sliding top for easy access to your favorite individually wrapped Tea Drops. These boxes are a perfect gift option too. I just drop My Tea Drop into the hot water, and instantly I am enjoying a quality cup of organic tea. Order yours here: My Tea Drops


Create A Healthy Workspace

Believe what you want, but healthy working spaces is a form of self-care. Creating a healthy workspace first starts with a clear and healthy mind. If your mind is cluttered everything around you has the tendency to be cluttered as well. Make sure you’re working area is clean when you arrive at work, which means dedicating time to properly clean it before leaving for the day. A cluttered work area makes for a cluttered, often times unproductive day. Always, opt for a bright and ergo friendly workspace. If your day job requires you to sit in front of a computer during the day, track your screen time, make sure you’re you’re taking enough breaks for vision purposes. Make sure your chair supports your weight and body posture.

Height-adjustable work surfaces are a thing, an amazing thing at that. As a creative, I only thrive in spaces that best fit me creatively. If my workspace isn’t healthy, comfortable or highly functional, it makes it tough for me to do my job efficiently. My last place of employment was gracious enough to understand this and swapped my old, non-functional desk for a quality height adjustable work surface. So, when I would work, I could start the day sitting and later adjust my work surface to support me standing when and as much as I need to. A quality space creates the optimal self-care experience throughout the day. Make sure you’re dedicated to making your workday experience the best it can be.

Minimize Procrastination

Easier said than done though, right? Completing all that you need to do within the workday isn’t really rocket science. It all boils down to us maximizing our sense of control and focus. Apart from our struggle comes from overly investing in things that lack importance, being distracted from our phones or simply not having the energy we need to complete multiple tasks within a day. You can minimize your procrastination by:

Limiting your activity on your phone. Social media and conversations that are non-work related can be a huge distraction that causes us to procrastinate.

Creating Task lists. A list is really effective because it helps you to efficiently keep track of your day while equally creating a sense of balance, so you don’t feel worn out. A list is also great to help you differentiate what hot actions items need to be completed before others. Saving you time and self-inflicted stress.

Intermittent breaks are essential. The root of our procrastination problems can often stem from us not taking enough time for self-care during the day. Don’t keep going because the deadline says so. Stop, take necessary breaks and lunches. Go spend time in nature, listen to music that raises your vibrations. This way, by taking the necessary breaks needed, you’re able to come back to your desk, refreshed and ready to tackle all that needs to be done.

Amber Janae