3 Major Life Lessons Solange Knowles Taught Us


The brainchild behind some of my favorite songs to dance to in boy shorts and a t-shirt. *Bops to Losing You as I write.* Whether we’re admiring her whole aesthetic or she’s school`in us how to dominate the fashion world, Solange Knowles is undoubtedly the epitome of an icon. As the years have passed, we’ve watched Solo fully embrace her true self. Evolving into a woman whom we not only admire but a woman who’s so effortlessly in tune with who she is. So much so, we don’t have much of a choice but to be inspired simply by following her. She’s taught us the highs and lows of falling in love at a young age but what precious gifts we bear (Juelz) from taking a risk in love with no regrets. She’s taught us that with faith, being true to oneself that there is a thing such as a happily ever after in love.

She’s taught us to embrace hard work, a strong work ethic and to continue to be faithful to our craft despite people always wanting to throw you into a box or undermine your art due to comparison. We’ve watched her blossom and bloom. Her eclectic vibes and eccentric style have become captivating, demanding your attention every time. Solange has become a picturesque style maven. From slaying red carpets to weddings, she’s individuality and beauty personified. Forever our #HairGoals and the voice that isn’t afraid to speak up for us all when the world is silent about our pain and struggles. My muse. One of the very few women in the entertainment industry that I take notes from and who inspire me daily. She’s taught me so many life lessons along the way and here are a few.

Always Have a Voice

In my experience, as a young black artist, you have to fulfill an archetype, or be a token – and I was unwilling to do that. – Solange

If she’s vocalizing how racism is still very much alive and kicking or she simply wants you to respect who she is and all that she stands for, Solange is the Queen of vocalizing all that she’s passionate about. Growing up being bullied and not knowing what it meant to stand up for myself back then, the power to be able to do so now is liberating. We can fight all of our lives to want to be valued and respected, but it all means nothing if we aren’t willing to speak up and voice what we need. Watching Solange over the years evolve kind made you feel empowered and inspired to say whatever the f*ck liberated your soul. And till this day, we appreciate the times she spoke out when others refused. Vocalizing your pain, struggles or just what makes you happy is not only liberating but freeing for your soul. Now is the time to find the strength to have a voice and speak up on what you’re passionate about.

Authenticity Always Wins

Self-love is a foundation for everything, and however you practice or express that is so, so important.” – Solange

Learning that the God cannot bless who you pretend to be is one of my life’s most profound lessons. The journey of our human existence is all about re-discovering your true self and falling in love with your soul and authentically living in your truth. Solange does a great job in exemplifying what it truly means to be authentic and proud. I embraced my authenticity and reveled in that when I honestly knew what it meant to love my true self. Self-love was the foundation for my authenticity. Every day I revel in my true essence, my real beauty and I find something amazing about me to celebrate always. Honestly, truly, I see nothing more significant than being the woman that I am. It’s so vital for us to have living examples such as Solange in the public eye because the media is so fixated on personas and living for an image. Trust when I tell you, authenticity always wins.

Be Proud of Who You Are

My name, Solange, means ‘Angel of the sun,’ and I’m completely enamored of my African history. The culture is so expressive.” – Solange

There is no love like a love of being unapologetically proud of your Blackness. Again, something that Solange does so effortlessly. Over the years we’ve watched each other evolve and strip away Europeanized beauty standards or society’s idea of what beauty is. We’ve fallen in love with our natural selves from our hair to our skin. We’ve celebrated ourselves individually, and in turn, it’s evolved into a collective celebration. We are more alive, more present, more vocal and unashamed about who we are. My Black is beautiful. There is nothing more liberating than living in that truth, fully embracing it. We’ve been stripped of so much of ourselves for so long. We’ve been denied the opportunities and chances to be who we are without being undermined or judged. I think at this point we care less and less about acceptance or the opinion of others, every day we live proud of who we are, unconcerned about what people think. Be proud of who you are, where you come from and be happy about it. The Black woman is God. In the Black woman is the form of all things, of all that lives and moves in this world. There is no jewel rarer than the Black woman, no condition superior to that of a Black woman.

My beauty ethos? Well, I’d love to tell you it’s something like ‘less is more,’ but honestly, it all starts with happiness. If only someone could bottle that up – when I’m happy, I’m at my most radiant and glowing. It does me better than any product ever could. And I stand by how cheesy and clichéd that sounds.” –  Solange 

Amber Janae