Redefining Wellness - An Interview with Leticia Vaca


The call for resources and opportunities to strengthen our knowledge on advance planning when it comes to our health is imminent today. With the world on pins and needles as our less-favorable president continuously threatens changes to the current United States Healthcare Bill, we need alternative options so that we aren't dependant on politicians or government systems to help us build and prepare for times to come. As millennials, a lot of us are fully invested in our physical and mental health. We eat right, we hit the gym, but is that all there is to it? The numbers have risen and continue to rise at an alarming rate showing that there are plenty of us who are becoming more aware of our need to prioritize our health. However, in most cases, a lot of us are not necessarily thinking of long-term alternatives when it comes to our health. How do we plan ahead?

What is an Advance Healthcare Directive and how does it redefine the ways in which we prioritize our health and wellness in our everyday lives? An Advance Healthcare Directive is made up of two legal documents empowering you to spell out your end-of-life decisions and medical care if you become unable to communicate your wishes due to terminal illness or incapacity. We are never too young to be planning ahead. We are never too young to learn to further our knowledge on alternatives that may not have always been made aware to us. Advanced care planning isn't particularly a topic we want to discuss, especially when the thought of our own mortality is so far from our minds. But it’s time we make valuable decisions in regards to our future health care - before it’s too late.

Leticia Vaca, a woman from Richmond, California is the Founder of Urban Health Group LLC, a company dedicated to influencing community wellness through empowerment, education, and connection by bringing advocacy and services to your home. Today, Leticia is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, where she continues to work in acute care hospitals. I sat down with this amazing woman and learned that her love for being of service to others is somewhat genetic. 

"I come from a long line of public servant's: my mom is a social worker in San Francisco, my dad is a retired police officer from Richmond. My grandmother ran transitional houses for those with substance use and legal issues in Richmond. My great-grandfather was integral in introducing education into a small ranch town in Michoacna, Mexico." 

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Amber Janae