Everything You Need to Know About The Upcoming Venus Retrograde

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Lets cut to the chase, 

The past year and a half we have all been hearing about retrogrades. We’ve seen posts, articles and even MEMES describing how problematic it can be. Some of us feel it but have no clue what it even is! However Venus Retrograde is approaching soon and WE HAVE TO BE READY!

So what exactly is a retrograde? 

In Astrology when a planet goes in retrograde it means that particular planet is orbiting at a different speed in space but from Earth it appears to be moving backwards. Hence why retro is the prefix of this word. 

Now how does it affect us here on Earth?

In Astrology every planet rules over some type of energy. When a planet is in retrograde it’s usually time for us to slow down, go back and re think some things. The most famous retrograding planet happens to be good ole Mercury. This is simply because Mercury is the fastest moving planet and goes in retrograde about 3 -4 times a year! Mercury rules astro-siblings Gemini and Virgo and happens to be the planet of communication, how we mentally process things and even short travel. When this planet is in retrograde the way we communicate doesn’t flow as smoothly and we often get frustrated with our own brains and the brains of other people. Traveling short distances like to work or school can be extremely annoying being that Mercury Retrograde can bring car trouble and even more traffic. YIKES! Mercury Retrograde is even known to bring people from our past that we used to communicate with like a sorry ex. However no planet can bring up a past lover like Venus. 

Venus is the planet of love and the ruler of astro-siblings Taurus and Libra. This planet rules all the qualities of love, I’m talking sensuality, and intimacy, beauty, affection, and how we appeal socially and in interpersonal relationships. Venus also defines material things we love like, hello MONEY! 

On October 5th Venus will retrograde in the sign Scorpio for about 40 days. Yep, 40 days and 40 nights of intensified matters regarding the heart and unfortunately Noah’s Arc will not save us. Since Venus is retrograding in the sign of dark mysterious Scorpio, it is really time to fall back and focus on inner love. 

Scorpio is a very powerful sign, if not the most powerful so the energy here is dynamic and possibly life changing. Scorpio is obsessive, explosive and extreme. It’s all or nothing with Scorpion energy, straight life or death. With that being said, some things will surely be put to death during this retrograde cycle so something better can be reborn. 

Here are some major key points Venus will be touching during this retrograde:

·      Rebirth of the heart – You may have a sudden change of heart. If you are in a relationship that has been rocky, it could possibly end suddenly. Try not to make any decisions and wait until after the retrograde (Nov 16th) to decide what is best for both parties. If single, passion is heightened so you might meet someone, however any relationship built during this time will mostly die off after the retrograde. 

·      Mummy Ex Lovers & Friends– Since Scorpio energy rules over the dead, past lovers from 300 B.C could possibly resurface. Again do not make any sudden decisions until after the retrograde or you will be reminded exactly why it did not work out the first time. You might also get in contact with old friends, maybe a friend you fell out with. With it being Libra season and Venus in Scorpio, use this combined astro-energy to smooth out any past misunderstandings with these individuals to clean up some of your karmic debt and move forward spiritually. You will reap the benefits after the retrograde has ended trust me. 

·      Tension – Mars, the ruler of Aries and planet of action, aggression and conflict will be squared to Venus. Picture two kids who keep fussing and fighting sitting together, yep that’s Mars squared Venus. During this time Venus and Mars aren’t getting along in the sky so there will be a lot of physical tension especially sexual tension. You might feel a bit out of control and want to just lash out or hump anything in sight and that is absolutely the exact opposite of what you should do. Try get through this time by doing physical things like taking up a sport or exercise. With Scorpion’s energy in the mix, masturbation can do the trick as well ;)

·      Watch Ya Paper – Although Venus rules money and material wealth while Scorpio rules the actual ingredients of wealth (taxes, investments, finance), this is not a time to play risky with your chips PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!. If you have to for some reason make a move, especially with a large about money, get all the ends and outs first or you will deeply regret it. 

·      Get Real –This retrograde will force you to get real. Just like Scorpio you will begin to see beneath the surface of people and situations. You will truly see people through the lenses of reality. It will make break or make some of your relationships but at least you know the truth.

·      Self Care & Values – Most importantly this retrograde will truly teach us the value of deep self-care. Since it will be hard to give and receive love between yourself and others, we have to redirect that energy back to us. Ask yourself is this the life you want? Then begin to think about what is necessary and what must go. What is killing you or keeping you alive? Self-perseveration is the first law of nature, so break down whatever barriers are blocking you from your destiny of transformation!

With Venus retrograding in the diligent sign of Scorpio, it is important again not to make any sudden decisions. Take time ALONE if you have to like a true Scorpio to seek the light in the darkest part of our psyches, and rethink thoroughly. You got this!!

- Lo “ Retrogrademami” Smith 



Lo " Retrogrademami " Smith is a Bay Area based Astrologer who specializes in the understanding of Retrogrades. To book a reading with her go to www.retrogrademami.com