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Issue Four.


Fitness Issue
In this issue we covered all things fitness. Fitness App GrpFit is our featured cover story


A lot of my inspiration to keep my body tight and right comes from all of the amazing people I am surrounded with on and offline. I have plenty of friends that workout enough to lose weight for me and them, so, that's that! My friends are doing amazing things in the fitness and wellness community and I wanted nothing more than to shine a light on their greatness in this issue. It's so important that Black people learn to embrace their health more in every aspect. I feel as if this issue will help further our journeys while inspiring us to be great. So many amazing stories are shared in this issue, whether they're about founding a fitness app, dieting right, or launching a company with all natural, handmade products, it's truly a powerful issue. A compilation of greatness is what I've been calling. I, We, hope that you're inspired. A huge thank you to the talented team of contributors, photographers, and techies who knock it out the park every time. Enjoy! 

 - Founder/Creative Director Amber Janae