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We believe that the magazine itself is changing the conversation surrounding the topic (s) of mental health, physical health, and stigma's within our communities. We're highlighting awareness, creating a safe space where men and women of color can seek information and have open discussions.


Issue Six

We believe that fashion is the best way to express one's individuality. It was very important for us to create an issue that celebrates such an important part of our society and culture. Issue 6 includes so many incredible articles and interviews from unbelievably inspiring and influential people. An issue that is so visually pleasing I have cried several times looking at it. In this issue, we celebrate fashion and its influence on society and culture, our culture, black culture. A culture that we know and have seen time and time again reshape, realign and redefine the fashion industry. I pray you’re inspired. Bless!

The Core Magazine is So visually pleasing

Can Money Lead to Happiness?

Money, Money, Money! Who doesn’t love money? Who doesn’t want to be rich? I’m sure we all do. I certainly do. What problems can money not solve? You would think that it would solve every problem ever because that seems to be the only thing people care about­­ –money. But, does money lead to happines

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8 Black LGBTQ Artists You Should be Listening To.

It's June and we all know what that means. It's Pride Month! The LGBTQ community is a resilient one, especially those of color. It is important that we celebrate and embrace the talents within this community, not just this month but all year long. They have stories to tell and our ears must be open. We have come a long way toward fully embracing the LGBTQ community but we still have a long way to go.

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