Transforming The Way The World Views Plant-Based Dieting - An Interview w/ Breanna Danielle

At the age of 23, Breanna Danielle continues to work toward changing the view of maintaining a plant-based lifestyle. Originally from Baltimore, MD but currently residing in the Central Valley of California, Breanna considers herself as a wellness entrepreneur and a researcher who intends to influence socio-political policy. Even while pursuing her sociology Ph.D., she still finds the time to share her knowledge and resources with the world. 

What inspired your journey to a healthier way of living?

I began to get serious about living a healthier life throughout my undergraduate experience in college. For the first time in my life, I felt like I had an opportunity to take control over how I lived without really having to explain myself to anyone. I never grew up around the culture of wellness and what it meant to be healthy, both mentally and physically, so as I developed my own identity as a young adult I made the commitment to make sure health and wellness were at the core of my beliefs. 

My journey has been a long one, it took me close to 5 years to become fully plant base. I believe that transitioning to the lifestyle is the best way to go. I started the transition to eating less meat back in 2011 when I cut out all red meat and pork from my diet. It made a big difference in my digestive health which made me consider cutting out all meat. In 2013, After a viewing of my documentary Food Inc. and understanding the food industry in the U.S, I made the decision to switch to a pescetarian lifestyle which lasted until 2014 when I went fully plant-based.  

Have you ever felt pressured to maintain a healthy lifestyle?

I personally have never felt pressure to maintain a healthy lifestyle because I’m very transparent about my journey towards a healthier lifestyle. The work is hard and the journey is never a constant incline, some months you’ll see enormous progress while other months there may be a decline or a plateau. 

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