Lessons Learned From Black Love by Erin Duncan

When I think of the words “Black Love,” I think of power, strength, and royalty. 

Growing up, I have seen so many examples of black love in my personal life. My grandparents have an epic story of meeting on the Bay Bridge over 50 years ago and are still each other’s best friends. The way they laugh at each others’ jokes and cap on each other, has always been something that I loved witnessing. I’ve also seen the example of black love with my dad and stepmother. The two of them bicker all the time around the house about sports, tidiness, my dad’s facial expressions, yet they always hold hands and travel around the world together. 

I remember watching movies like Boomerang, Crooklyn, or television shows like A Different World and Living Single, seeing different examples of black love and telling myself this is something that I want when I get older. Since that time, I have found myself in different situations with guys who perhaps weren’t worthy of the time because I was attempting to find my own version of this love. After years of searching, and finally finding it, these are some of the things I learned along the way.  

Black Love looks different to everyone.

Not all black love comes in pretty packages like Barack and Michelle Obama, or Ossie Davis and Ruby Dee--sometimes it’s unconventional. 

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