The Core

We truly believe that our well-being is the primary source to a healthy way of life.  Our mission is to inspire and encourage emotional, spiritual and mental wellness through each issue we publish. We believe that collective healing is the way to change the Universe. For this very reason, we pride ourselves on curating content for both men and women to be inspired together. When one heals we all heal. 

"If we're going to heal let it be glorious" - Beyonce Knowles

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Issue 4 Is Up Next!

We're excited to begin working on our next issue. Stay up to date on what our next issue will cover and it's release date by connecting with us on social media @thecore_mag

The Black Love Issue

It's finally here. This was an extremely nerve wrecking issue for me. Not because it caused problems, but simply because I wanted it to be great. I have been extremely nervous about the release and I just pray you all enjoy. A million and one words can be said about the contents in this issue, but the truth is, you have to experience the magic first hand. - Amber J, Founder & Creative Director.

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