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We truly believe that our well-being is the primary source to a healthy way of life.  Our mission is to inspire and encourage emotional, spiritual and mental wellness through each issue we publish. We believe that collective healing is the way to change the Universe. For this very reason, we pride ourselves on curating content for both men and women to be inspired together. When one heals we all heal. 

"If we're going to heal let it be glorious" - Beyonce Knowles

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Issue 5 Available Now

Issue five of our digital magazine is now available. This current issue is all about honoring black creatives will always be one of the core missions at our magazine. It's important to acknowledge the men and women who inspire us to grow, heal, and reach for the stars. Issue 5 (still can't believe we've made it this far) is about creating space for the amazing creators of the world. It's about sharing the stories of the creatives who dedicate their lives to sharing their God-given talents for no other reason than being passionate about what they do. There are a plethora of articles, features, and stories we hope inspires you to delve deeper into your inner creative. It is with great hope that issue 5 sparks your inner artist within. Enjoy! - The Core Magazine Team

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